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sticky! fics and icons.
wordy {cyber-stalk}
Updated: 8/16/2012

I own nothing. Seriously. That is all.



Current community: breakthesky89
Old (lame) community: sodoes_icons

My fanfiction can be found at fic_tastic69, and I'll link it here for easy access.


*Your Love- A while ago (as in, years) I started this WIP. I wrote five or six chapters, and never finished it. It is officially abandoned, FYI. Sorry. Such is life. :P
*With You, Win or Lose- Brian knows it'll be alright, eventually.
Post 513. Brian POV.
*Leaving The Hospital; I'm Going Home Part One | Part Two -Or, six times Justin went home, and one time he didn't.
Spoilers for the whole series. Spans Justin's life. Highlight for warnings. ----->Major character death(s). Tear jerker. <-----
*This Is How We Break Series*
**warning- this is also known as my break-up series**
1. This Is How We Break -Things fell apart, and there was nothing he could do...
2. On the Edge (of Something Beautiful) -507 gapfiller. Justin thinks.
3. But Not For Me- He waits, but not for me. 
Original character POV.
4. And We All Fall Down -Or, why Justin Taylor leaves Brian Kinney a third time.
5. Human Shapes Burned on Concrete Walls -And sometimes, Justin feels like he isn’t living enough to justify surviving.
6. A Sense of Heat; A Fine-Tuned Way of Motion Part One | Part Two (coming soon) | Part Three -"There was staring and seclusion, a fine-tuned way of motion..." Things come to a head.

*Always and Never -In an instant, the bottom drops out. 510 AU.
Highlight for warning.-->Major character death.<--
 *Semantics -Some things you can't change. Some things are just semantics.
Post 513.
*Hit the Lights -Justin Taylor is afraid of the dark. And then some.
*Residual Blues -"All I want for you to be is happy, or something."
Yet another post 513 fic. Pretty much counterpoint to Semantics.


*Hangman -Standing outside of Reid’s hospital room now, Morgan couldn’t believe that this was happening again.
Morgan POV-ish. Spoilers for Amplification.
*Younger Now Than We Were Before -This time, things would be different. This time, he knew what he was doing. Sort of. Sequel to Hangman.
*We Sleep For Dreaming -At some point along the way, Reid's life had gone spectacularly off course from all the 'should haves.' Post Revelations. It's Reid's first day back at work.
Very mild slash. Drug references.
*For Everyday We Wake (Here's One to Remember) -He was about to prove himself; to prove if some upstart 23 year old genius could actually make it in the BAU.
westmoon 's help_haiti</lj>  fic! Spoilers for Extreme Aggressor and Tabula Rasa.



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iron man 4 lyfe

leasthemselves <--- This community never got off the ground at all, but I still love the idea and may try to do something with it in the future. Feel free to check it out, tell me what you think!


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since I overly love your CM icons and fics (and by the way... are you by any chance planning on writing more? :), I thought I would friend you, if you don't mind :).

I have commented here and there on your M/R stuff, but we didn't really get to chat that much. Also, you may have read some of my fics - I've been writing M/R fics for a few months now, even thought I can't remember if you've commented any :).

Anyway... *waves* hello! Hope you don't mind me friending you :).

Not at all! I love having new friends... :D

RE: writing: Um. Yes. There's just something about writing for CM... I can't just jump into it, like I (sorta) can for Queer as Folk. Plus I'm stuck on a QaF story right now, so when I sit down to write I focus on that for now. :P

And I have read your stories, I'm just not sure if I've commented... I don't have much time for commenting lately, since school and keeping 30 hour weeks at work is killing me... another reason why I haven't written much lately... :/

Anyway, hi! *waves* Welcome to my crazy!! :)

Aw, thank you :)! Also, thanks for including me in the filter.

Also, I'm just glad you didn't comment because of time issues and not because you hated the stories :)!

Hey, I'm really sorry about the icon thing; I grabbed and saved it and then didn't get back to it for a while, so I probably didn't remember that you had a 'no alterations' stip on the post. So I'm really, really sorry about that. And the not crediting thing was just a goof because I have it saved as sodoesrachel.onapier, so it was just a mistake on my part.

I didn't mean to offend you and I deleted it and everything. Just wanted to say sorry.

No problem, really. Actually, you can still use it if you want, just credit me for the base. :) The 'no alterations' thing is actually b/c I don't like people doing it without my knowing. :P Plus, I've had a few problems with people stealing my icons in the past...

Also, if you ever have any requests for an icon, I'm happy to alter them for you. :D

That particular icon is speshul to me. :D For while it was my header. (It was much larger, of course. lol.) I JUST changed it a few days ago. :P I love the coloring on that icon. They're a few more like that one, plus one that I JUST posted in an icon post about an hour ago. :P

Hey, just want to say, I'm in love with your layout! It's gorgeous and you used one of my favorite songs! =)

I've been meaning to friend you! Because how many QAF/Criminal Minds loving people are there in MN? Not enough! I hope we're not the only two!


:D Oh cool! Where in MN do you live? Maybe we could get together sometime. ;) I promise I don't moonlight as a serial killer/rapist... :P

I'm in the northern suburbs. I don't get over to Mpls too often. I actually live in Anoka County, though Roseville, Shoreview, St. Paul are more my stomping grounds. (Yes, Michelle Bachmann is my representative though she's never gotten a vote from our household!)

bkrave and I have tossed that idea around. The NY get together looks like so much fun. Maybe it would be fun to have a Midwest one.

:) I live in Rochester currently, but I'm hoping to move to Chicago in about a year when I transfer back to a four year college. :) I'm originally from Illinois (well, not really, but it where I've lived the longest lol). But we should totally have a Midwest get together. Midwest represent. ;)

On the 22nd I'm going to Mpls to go to two museums for school: The Walker and one other one I can't remember. We only live an hour away, but for some reason we don't go up there very often... The one time we did it was to go to the Mall of America. :)

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